256 boiingg - preset mgmt - max/msp probs

  • there´s a section in boiingg where i should be able to save all my changes. but it seems to me it doesn´t work? no reaction, no new file...how can i save my changes?

    is there somebody who can tell me how to save changes without reading all the maxmsp-manuals? need to get it running very soon... help>donation>no prob.

    thanks a lot!!!! for any help.

    (going crazy-)stephan bodzin

  • Hi Stephan

    I wrote boiingg and it seems there's a problem with the preset system in Max5. It works in 4.6 so if you're desperate maybe you could/should use that.

    The way it should work (and does for me in 4.6) is that you set up midi note, velocity and durations, then shift click in the respective preset boxes to save the changes for that module, then click 'write' to commit them to the patch without needing to save the patch. No new file is created. This does not work in runtime, and there is no way to save patterns (for now).

    Boiing is pretty low on my list of priorities right now, but I'll try to fix this in Max5 over the next few days if I can find some time.

    FWIW Quite a few of my max-ing colleagues at Uni have also found bugs/problems with their favourite objects so I'd recommend all users keep their 4.6 installations handy for a while...

    Cheers, Jules

  • hi jules,

    ok. thanks a lot for your help! i´ll check it with 4.6!

    Boiing is amazing btw :-) synched to live7, playing a self-sampled kalimba multi-samplerinstrument wich is completely controlled by a lemur...a dream-tool for me.