The end of the Moog Voyager


    Do you guys think they're getting rid of the whole voyager line?
    Something new coming out?

  • Don't panic raja. Keep it cool baby.

    There have been lots of rumors floating around with synth/industry people about this. I've heard more than a few times a new rackmount edition is coming out. Some people have said it will be a rackmounted Voyager XL and I've also heard of a minitaur/animoog/voyager hybrid type thing. At any rate, it will probably sound good.

    For raja. Here's a great analog that's not so expensive.


    the select series is just a part of the voyager line. i doubt they would dump the old-school and the performer edition.

    from the looks of their fb page they might be doing custom colors on the little phattys now..

  • sweet synth...
    i doubt they'd ditch the entire voyager line...

  • According to the email I got it is just the 'Select' series that is going to cease production in January next year. The good news is they have reduced the retail on them... Still quite expensive but you should be able tofond some significant reductions street-price-wise...