GEAR ID - What is it?

  • 1.)

    To the right of the faderfox and below the iPad


    I was at a gathering for someone who is leaving to do the Compostelle walk, link below since it's interesting... and the person who was hosting the party also had a space for concerts/projections to take place... also very cool. There was a concert later that evening and one of they guys had this setup. I didn't get a chance to talk to him before leaving.

    The link to the Compostelle.

  • 1) looks like a Korg nano pad

    2) EMS synthi A

    And I'm sooooo jealous of the synthi! Droolworthy!

  • Funny, there's another synthi-related discussion going on here:

  • @artpunk I know what I am going to do when I get home tonight haha

    I'm note sure 2) is the nano pad, it looks like there are some knoby slidery things where the X/Y dealie would be?



  • @beaver
    i think this is the one

    icon i-creative

    check out the air-effect at the end of the clip