a new track

  • http://soundcloud.com/l_raja_l/barbedwiresanctum

  • thanks for the artt ;)

  • time skips erratic...

    as for me, I get side swapped (attemption surplus disorder ;) )

    I got the screen capture app downloaded, but then the "six' event with mapmap and Henke got me interested in a small form six speaker testbed, which I'm trying today, ok, but not sure enough to capture it, and then, how do you publish a six speaker rotation?

    I did play three different vids from the facebook page and I think the train of traces will be nice. currently more exciting for me than disquiet junto.

    I appreciate the buzz you lay into this place ;)

  • I really enjoyed that one. My wife thought I had developed a serious flatus problem whilst I was listening to this, until she realised it was part of the track.
    (sorry 'bout the silly comments, couldn't help myself)

  • I loves me some braindance ;). The panning had me quite lost in the sounds. Very nice, Raja. Thanks for sharing

  • Well done man, my only thing with it is that the panning becomes a bit much after a while. Other than that sounds dope.

    I've been wanting to screen capture whenever I do anything in Ableton but I can't get Soundflower working with Lion to record audio with Quicktime. I guess I could just use my field recorder getting the out of the mixer and just sync them later.

  • for some reason JackOSX didn't work either and it screwed up my playback out of Ableton so I just uninstalled it.