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  • Not that anybody would really care about this, but i decided to share this with you anyway.

    I mentioned in another thread that i have stared to read the monome forum (in reverse order) like a book or a magazine. As a relatively recent monome user i thought that this would be the best way to understand the instrument better, and learn a bit from the collective history and knowledge base. So far it has been a really interesting read/experience.

    Today i have reached page 100
    and seeing how this is a momentous occasion, thought it would be amusing to share some highlights... 

    So, 100 pages back, top three threads that caught my eye:

    - - - multiple page apps in Max/msp help

    Useful link to some basic building blocks for setting up environments consisting of multiple pages. There are a lot of threads in the forum that address specific single aspects of building your own software that are very helpful. I find myself wishing that there was a comprehensive listing somewhere that connects these scattered resources. Part of it is that when someone just starts, they don't know exactly what to search for, and to find these pages, one needs to be fairly precise in defining the subject of their search.

    - - - Swarnatron

    These are just such beautiful instruments! Link on the page to this short but sweet video was a nice treat: http://vimeo.com/11250462

    - - - OSAMA IS DEAD!!!

    Well, this one I will just try to leave without much of a comment. Certainly captures a moment in time, with all of it's dark complexities...

    Apologies to those who find this post useless waste of bandwidth. it's my way of saying: I have been getting to know you all, and appreciate all your insights and contributions to this amazing community.


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