the amazing vintage bargain basement

  • we came across this site while looking for some vintage mixers:

    quite amazing to see to what lenghts crooks go nowadays to pull a fast one on people.

    If you ever dreamed to get vintage gear for the price of second hand behringer stuff this is your place to shop :)

    PS: if someone has some cash to throw away to see how deep this rabbithole goes, please let me know .. just in case it's for real, that 60's MartinD-28 Brazi for two grand would be lovely and a vintage 44 channel Studer console could also come in handy

  • wait, it gets better ... a friend contacted them by email and they offered him free international shipping on the studer or midas mixers that weigh a couple hundreds of kilos

    finally a business after my own heart .. i always thought that vintage stuff and overseas shipping was way to expensive

    the phone number on the site just ends up in an answering machine btw.

  • I dont know if they are for real but you could just ask about picking it up with cash in hand.Btw about Bank wire.I only accept that aswell on e-bay or with private sales.Its ime the way to go.And its not a way scammers would use.You have to give out your complete bank details..And those require registration with adress, full name, papers and so on.

  • If scammers are incapable of producing false identities, there's a Nigerian prince I feel bad about ignoring.