chicago monomers?

  • hi all.. long time, no see..

    i recently relocated to chicago and was wondering if there are any other windy city/midwest monomers who might be interested in a meetup?

    i'm pretty sure i can organize a space for us without too much trouble.. so if you're interested, leave a comment and let's get the ball rolling!

    - dc

  • i'm in the southwest suburbs, but i'll be moving up to chicago in august for school. i'd be up for a meet up any time pretty much (oh the splendors of summer vacation).

  • I am/was in Chicago. I am still there quite often, would be interested in meeting up. I also have contact with spaces/people who would be interested in hosting such things. I know of one other person who has a 40h in Chicago, as well.
    I'll keep my eyes on the thread.

    welcome to Chicago!

  • I'm north of chicago, just an hour train ride or so. I'm not real farmiliar with the area, but I'm sure it's nothing google maps & chicago bus schedule can't fix.

    Anyway, I'm always off work tues-weds-thurs.

  • Ill be a Chicago monomer June 27-29 at the Midwest Electronic Music Festival (MEMF 08) that shit will be nuts!

  • i saw the flyer for that.. i think i only recognized one name :X

    i just got back from DEMF this weekend.. had a blast - if you've never been, i highly recommend!

    back to this meetup.. if we can get a few more people i'll work on getting a space. there's gotta be more of us out here!

    - dc

  • I monome by my lonesome in Iowa City, IA but moved here from Chicago two years ago. I avidly travel to the city because of friends and the burning man community.

    I usually hear of these types of events, never even heard the word MEMF.

    who has a flyer link with the full readout? when I google MEMF I get nada.

  • here's the myspace page for MEMF08 with artist lineup.

    the event listing:

    I've also never heard of any of the people on the bill - i need to get out more!

  • Hey I'm in Chicago. Nice to see there are some other folks here...

    I'm playing and interesting show with the ears&eyes folks tonight at South Union Arts and a heavily-monome-related CD release next week at the Darkroom. Both really interesting places to see music, and it'd be nice to meet some of you!

  • I am just throwing this out there on the topic of MEMF.

    and this is from my own PAST Chicago / Midwest experiences and observation and by no means am I saying this out of "hate" or "jealousy" for any artist on this line up, and I'm only saying this here because I appreciate this open community, but IMHO the mindsets for the "hosts" to a few of those stages that I have directly experienced in the past is; "Lets get fucked up yo'" and "how hard can we party the way we want to which results in overdoses and the party being shut down"

    Most people like to hear evidence to back up claims and my experience is from living in DeKalb and Chicago and attending on a frequent basis, which was almost every weekend for 4 years, a lot of what I hoped was going to be a good underground event hosted by some of these crews and not only was I not impressed every single time I had to realize by attending I'm feeding and funding self-destructive junkies. While anyone can destroy themselves however they please, because freedom of choice is beautiful, I choose to not contribute to them through energy or monetary funds.

    of course I declared to not give a few of the event crews on the line-up money about 3 years ago; so much can change, every person is on a path of growth all people deserve a 23rd chance to prove they are all honest and nice people. I really needed that 23rd chance at a previous point in my life.

    so to balance by apparent rant...

    TJ Richter is awesome visionary art, he wears an all white giant moth costume with a 4 foot moth penis that dangles in front of him and will captivate you through spoken word and the hypnotic effect of the undulating penis. Some of the local legends are on the list, like Chicago Jungle pioneer Danny the Wild Child. anyone who attends won't regret hearing awesome music , just be on the lookout for the shady effers.

  • anyone in chicago still interested in some sort of meet up down the line?

  • I'm from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

  • as am I, near Schaumburg

  • Arlington Heights. You live around Woodfield?

  • yeah, sort of nearby, send me an email

  • i live in rodger's park in the far north side and would love to get together

  • just seeing this thread for the first time but would love to meet up if others are down... i live in the city so that works best for me but and am also normally up in evanston on wednesday nights.

  • maybe it would be easier if we met in the city

  • trying to not let this sink to the bottom...

  • I'm from the Northwest Suburbs (Arlington Heights - which I already stated in this thread), and would like to put together an industrial group w/ a hip hop edge, which would involve alot of monome use. If interested, just reply.

  • i dunno about starting a group but i'd for sure like to meet up, anyone in the city willing to host? post your emails

    you can get at me at

  • damn you all are slipping