• i don't know how many of you are on the ohpeewon forums, but there was a genius thread there recently where someone had a secret project they were just dying to tell everyone about... it was the most entertaining thread i've read on any forum from any subculture in quite some time.

    so in that spirit, i have a secret app that i'm working on for an arc and grid...

    1680 x 1050 - 737K
  • Looks like fun! A juggling simulator!? I'd love to try it out, as I can't juggle very well in the physical world. (& I have an Arc 2 & a Grid - always wanting to try new apps!)

  • going to helsinki in the next few days... hope to have something to share with you soon!

  • haha just clicked on this cuz i was like WHATS UP WITH MONOME AND OP1 FORUMS AND SECRET PROJECTS???

    nicely played jay

  • Yeah, that thread was pretty good. Always good to see some crossover, and whatever the heck this is going to be!

  • is it MASH 2?????