looking for an app

  • sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but i've been out of the monome world for a while now. i was wondering if there is a simple app that exist that will let me launch clips from ableton and control them mlr style? thanks in advance.

  • Excuse me if I'm wrong, I haven't actually used it, but isn't 7-Up meant to be able to do this (& other things) in Ableton? (I realise it's not exactly 'simple' as does more than just what you are asking, but thought it was worth mentioning)

  • not 100% positive. haven't completely gotten in to the complexities of 7up yet. was wondering if there was something a little more straight forward.

  • Yes, sorry brothertony, I thought that might be the case. I hope someone finds a solution for you, I would be interested in something like that too!

  • oh awesome. looking like this might do it. going to play around with it when i have a moment. is this monomeserial only?

  • thanks man, much appreciated.