selling my 256... or trade for a lemur in sf bay area

  • yup,
    I got lemur lust. and don't need a 256 and a 64.
    Trade me locally in the sf bay area or buy mine for cash on ebay.
    Make offers via email for now.... will post an ebay number if it comes to that.

    its perfect monome 256. Its number 067... so its the 67th made I presume.
    have all original packaging...

  • ok... ebay is easier to deal with...

    search item # 170222282116

    or link below...

  • a straight trade 256 for a lemur? seems a little lop sided isn't it?

  • ryan, I emailed you via ebay... is there some target price you'd take?
    I've been trying to get a 256. and yours is the only one i can find... for some reason your post didn't come up while searching for units for sale.