WTB: Doepfer Pocket Dial

  • I haven't a clue how much these are worth, but I'd be interested if anyone has one on hand.

  • Hello ctoth66,

    I have one which I never use since I own a Killamix, so I could sell it. But have you seen the specs of the Killamix? There is one for sale here ( http://post.monome.org/comments.php?DiscussionID=15085&page=1#Item_0 ) and it has some great advantages (for me at least). Although that version doesn't have clicks while turning which the Doepfer has.

    I have the blue LED-version, bought it in 2002. I can posts later today. Not sure what it's worth, will look into that. BTW, located in the EU.

    (now I am busy, I have a Doepfer Drehbank (first version, without CV-inputs for sale too)

  • I have also looked at the Killamix and Drehbank, however as I am located in the United States, the Killamix is priced at 269 pounds or approx. 440 USD. A used Drehbank is similarly priced, but I think the Pocket Dial is worth less than half of that. It's much more reasonably priced. I was also looking at a Livid COde, but I can't help but feel that it's also overpriced. The monome is one of the few dedicated controllers that I feel is worth the investment.

  • I see that the last Pocket Dials were sold by Doepfer for only 99 euro. Thats not much. I'd rather keep mine for future use than selling and shipping it for close to nothing. Sorry, I hope you understand.

  • I do understand. Please keep it in that case. But thanks for responding.

  • Enjoy.