FS Apple Macbook Pro 13" Early 2011 (i7)

  • This is in perfect condition. It has upgraded 8gb ram and a 128gb SSD. There is an optical drive bay installed, but I also have the superdrive and external USB enclosure. I have never used this laptop without a touchpad cover, screen cover, or protective shell. I purchased it in September 2011, and it is as good as new. I have taken extremely good care of it. The audio jack is loose, but this a problem with all stock models. I have all of the original packaging also. This has been over a $1900 investment including accessories.

    MBP: $850 OBO + shipping.

  • does this MacBook have firewire? ....or basically....will my presonus firestudi project, utilizing 1394 firewire, hook up to it? ...and what state of US u shipping from?

  • I am shipping from Connecticut, and actually on that note I will ship anywhere so long as international rates are covered. It does have 9-pin firewire which I have been using with my Echo AudioFire4 and before that an AudioFire2, which I am also interested in selling.

  • I added a link to a web album.

    My email is ctoth666@yahoo.com

  • MBP is still up for grabs. It's an awesome machine.

  • Is anyone interested in this?