Future Stuffs - gestural/"hands free" interfaces - A list thread

  • I'm perty excited about all this stuff both for my work and play time.




    What else we got?

  • I like the idea of the leap motion, and it got me thinking.
    I would like the see a sensour that creates the same 3d space idea
    For you to make gestures, but only bigger,
    Like for your whole house, to controll everything from when
    You walk in.
    Lights, tv, ovin

    One day

  • You could do that now pretty easy. Z wave modules and an Android phone with GPS. App on the phone sees you are home, or entering, it can even unlock the door if you have a Zwave lock. All that stuff. Pretty rad.

  • Home automation is nothing new. Personalizing it to the user and tracking their movements is a relatively new innovation, but I mean, this overview of Bill Gates' home automation is from 2007:

    "One of the most interesting things you’d experience if you lived in this house is that you wear a pin containing a microchip which acts as your ID. When you walk into a room, lighting, sound, and temp controls are customized for you. Any high resolution display that you walk by will know that you’re there, and your favorite art is displayed. And if you’re getting a phone call, only the phone nearest to you will ring. This is all thanks to the pin with the microchip."

    There's very little to that which we couldn't pull off with something like a tinyduino ourselves...

    Be careful not to let the home automation system fall in love with your girlfriend, though. That can get ugly.

  • I backed the UBI on kickstarter. headless android device you're meant to speak to. All I want is to be able to set an alarm by voice command, have it wake me up, then read me my schedule, tell me the weather and then read emails while I get ready for work, and allow me to make calls. It all seems simple enough to do with your phone but your phone isn't a dedicated device that is always there in your room, in the same spot... waiting. It even seems lazy to some people but I just want to interact less with devices and communicate. That ideal scenario, going to sleep... Me:"whats my schedule tomorrow?" Thingy:"Meeting at 9:30" Me: "Wake me up at 8" - next morning alarm goes off Thingy: "Tools meeting at 9:30, Conference Call at 2:30, Alpha review at 4:00... Rain today, high of 8... 7 new emails..." etc etc etc

    I think passive computing for everything casual is where it's at. Making music, doing work work... of course. I will always waste time online too, but at least I won't be compelled to stare into my phone every 7 minutes when I wake up.

  • I'm, reluctantly, halfway (?) through becoming a Crestron certified programmer. Fucking ridiculous architecture. Fucking ridiculous price tags. Fucking ridiculous premise... But basically, if we can detect something, we can control something with it. All we're looking for is electrical signals: pressure pads, motion sensors, thermal sensors, rheostats, thermostats, potentiometers, relays, IR devices, RF devices...

    It's all just about parsing the data so that it does something useful on a reliable basis. And it's about charging you a ton of cash to put it into your house. I hate my life sometimes.

    edit: That Gates Home video reminds me of one of those 50s cartoons about the house of the future. Except is full of condescension and totalitarianism, instead of enthusiasm and excitement for new possibilities: Your favorite art wherever you go... Nothing could be more boring. I want to see someone else's favorite art, not mine.

  • "Your favorite art wherever you go... Nothing could be more boring. I want to see someone else's favorite art, not mine."

    Empty walls could be more boring. But in this context, that is nothing, so you're right.

    Agreed on the art preference, though. If I'm putting art on a screen instead of a canvas, it's because I want to be constantly surprised by what shows up on my wall.

    That said, I do want the system to match me with art that I'll like, with respect to whatever whims are controlling me that day. I want for art what Pandora does for music; the ability to pick something out of the air and say "that's what I want right now. more stuff like that."

    That approach won't challenge the user, I know, and it's the antithesis of what art should represent. But it's my wall, and I'll let you know when I want to be challenged. y'know?

    Anyway... what interests me in such a scenario is what happens when two people with conflicting tastes are detected. How can a system appease both of them, and what surprises will result from it trying? Those are questions I can get behind.

  • kinda related

  • It is, definitely.

    I should probably clarify re: my last post that there are definitely times I do want to be challenged by art, be it music or visual. Pretty much any time I'm engaged in it, really. But if something's just enhancing the background while my mind's on other things, that's not entitled to my full attention. I haven't agreed to the intrusion, so its presence is, at that time, offensive.

    Put another way, there's a time for boring.