m4lc dj monome - sneak peak...

  • https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151466928278448

    cheeky peaky. soon come.

  • hey raj - i too noticed some of the buttons are physically 'stickier' than usual.
    stupid question - have you thrown some talcum powder on the buttons?
    it's on my to-do list..
    sorry for steering attention away from the app.. :)

  • Definitely noticed that.

    I wasn't sure if the buttons took more pressure on the 2012 edition, or considerably less with the GS ones from a few years ago.

    Some of my favorite experiments were based on dragging your fingers across the monome, like painting brush strokes. I don't think I posted any examples, but "trails" will give you an idea. I wouldn't dream of running that stuff on my 2012 edition. Which is a shame, 'cause letting those fade slowly out would have been a nice use of variable brightness to better communicate timing.

    It's a subtle thing, but it changed how I think about using each device. Which I figure might be for the best.

    Anyway, I'm excited to see what Myr's dj app is all about. =)

  • soon come. me like.

  • thanks guys :)

    no worries about the derail, an issue i've thought about myself.
    just about to run out the door, so longer answer tomorrow.

    but here's a studio mix i did today for a bit of promotion and to get some gigs :).

    100bpm Glitch Hop business. Lots of heavy bass and wonky beats. enjoy.


  • Facebook link isn't letting me see, says the image isn't there.

  • Ooo child!

    This looks fantastic. How might we expect the metering to work on a non-vari brightness 128?

    Also M4L=Win. I've been looking for a good monome+live+dj setup and this might be what I'm looking for.

    You're the man.

  • What is the other controller in the vid? Great work btw!

  • its a kenton killamix, i do believe...

  • the other controller is a Kenton killamix, as lokey said.

    I've also noticed that the new monomes need a more firm press. I also sometimes get a pad flicking quickly on and off a few times when I press a bit off centre on the pad.

    as greaterthanzero said it's changed the way I think about it, need to be more accurate with presses. as the controller has no pressure sensitivity anyway I think I'll be using it as more of a 'command' device and using the arc (can't wait to get my hands on it), a playstation 3 controller (got six axis support and pressure on all the buttons natively in osx now) and an iPod touch running touch osc for gestural and 'instrument' playing.

    as u can probably see it's an 8x8 app with the first four columns as eq and volume faders with metering. the next four columns trigger clips on a track, show position in the clip, and a few other functions such as track mute and cue. plan is to build some fx in to the spare buttons that u can assign to knobs on the arc on the fly.

    I've also built an app routing and spanning device, so u drop a copy of the DJ device onto each track u want to DJ with and then decide which quadrant to put them on, on the monome. with a 256 you could have 4 'decks'.

  • as I've also got new varibright versions of a clip launcher, clip chopper, parameter/device controller, drum rack player, and keyboard player that need a bit off finishing off, as well as this DJ app and integrating the arc 4 when I get it, I don't think I'll be providing variants of the apps for non-varibright monomes for a while. sorry guys, too much to do. also just remembered I need to finish off conway's game of life app, possibly with different versions running at once at different brightnesses.