• hello all! i made a little experiment today using the new brick shaft accessories from teenage engineering... thought you might like to see it just for fun:


  • oh man... that is awesome! do you think there's a way for you to hook it up so the music controls the spinning? like... some sort of transducer?

  • Raja, you can 3d print them if you want, teenage engineering released the files. Shipping was too expensive to warrant the purchase. Since then they've partnered up with some re-sellers to ship in bulk.

    I use my op-1 everynight. Can't say that for any other piece of kit I own.

  • Nice! I don't know if i will venture into the lego extensions.
    But I do love my OP-1 :-)
    And the little crank is awesome.

  • Nice! I want an OP-1 for sure, but I would have to sell my gs128 to afford it. It's either that or not eat for a month.

    Come to think of it I DO need to lose some weight....

  • Genius! More accurate than having four hands!

  • I can never manage to get over the OP-1.