Anyone got a nexus 7? Ubuntu + Monome + Tablet!!!

  • I don't have one to test this on, although my finger is hovering over the purchase button...

    Official ubuntu installation on nexus 7 tablet... which should in theory support the monome, which should in theory allow for a tab + monome performance... WOWOWOWO

  • woah...

    in theory the windows 8 pro edition of the surface should be able to do the same thing, right?

  • Maybe.

    There aren't a lot of theories about Windows 8 that are worth following up on...

  • windows 8 pro edition has no price, but the model below is $500... the nexus 7 is $200.

    Serialosc is already janky on windows (sorry will), I doubt it will be any better on a tablet. Even if you got that working, you then have to deal with the number of different dsp languages that have yet to be ported... although if ableton can run on a windows phone I'll eat my words.

    The amount of things that you can do with it are pretty unbelievable... I ordered on this afternoon... expect some crazy videos an example apps soon :D

  • i suppose... i forgot how much the surface was for a moment.

    what do you mean by serialosc being janky on windows?
    i use windows and it has always worked fine for me.

  • hey now.

    serialosc is fine on windows, zeroconf is janky.

    it may come down to how easy the FTDI drivers are to install. if microsoft doesn't want you installing drivers on winRT devices, well, you're fucked. on linux, the FTDI drivers come stock.

  • I have the nexus 7

    and am tempted to install this

    have nothing to lose (except bricking it) lol

    I gave up on the raspberry pi with my momome due to being a noob with linux :)

    anyone else going to try this? (i.e. before me) lol


  • So I got my 7... and I tried putting ubuntu on it... still not quite usable imho...

    Android is so f'n buttery, it is hard to deal with the jankyness / bugs of ubuntu on the tablet. Plus there are some MAJOR usability issues (up to and including an inability to get jack to work).

    So for now I'll still be running android... hmmmm maybe I should try to get serialosc compiled for android :D

  • Between Nexus 7 and the upcoming Ouya console, there is every reason to want that.

    (also potentially usable on your Raspberry Pi)

  • @thethealphanerd
    "hmmmm maybe I should try to get serialosc compiled for android :D"

    do it, do it! i'm thinking of getting a nexus 7 (or 10 when they come out) and this would probably tip me over the edge ;-)

  • the difficult part would actually be getting the ftdi driver working... not so much serialosc (is my thoughts)...

    Although with a rooted android you should be able to install some sort of kernel mod to do so... but it probably will be dirty and blegh

    Ubuntu for android... now that looks cool

  • well theoretically you'd just need to compile the ftdi_sio module

    it would depend on how much the kernel is lacking tho. maybe parts of the usb subsystem aren't enabled? luckily you can compile most of that stuff as a module.

  • interrresting... although I just thought about the fact that there is no zeroconf support on android out of the box... but I guess the new api would fix that problem. but without any platform to run code (pd / supercollider / chuck / etc) I don't know what the point of setting up serialosc would be


    Not seeing any chuck support, and of course max/msp is out of the question.