Reinventing the Wheel: Engineering arc2


  • thank you

  • good lookin

  • Nice, got a Party Van plug/video in there! Flattering.

  • very cool.

    i always thought that party van video was awesome as well.

  • rodrigo... check your stats on vimeo today... should be drawing quite a bit of views

  • It's linking to the youtube version which is now at 1380 views (I don't remember what it was at before this article going up). Good stuff!
    I love that it's that vid too as that's closer to what I generally do (as opposed to some of the tamer, more normal sounding vids).

    It's awesome to read about the engineering process/thinking behind the Arc2. Can't wait to see them in action.

  • Not that we have access to this technology, but watch the doorknob interactions and tell me they wouldn't be amazing on the new high-res arc encoders.

  • wow! those interactions are amazing...

  • this is great