• http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kmi/qunexus-smart-sensor-keyboard-controller

    i'm in!

  • As am I.

    Tried to order two ('cause dual 25 key mini-keyboards have served me well in the past), but KMI is trying to keep this production run small / manageable.

    Inconvenient as it is, I have to say I respect that after last time.

  • Why does Keith's stuff always have to be so FUGLY!

  • yea if it wasnt ugly i would grab one.

  • It's fugtional.

  • Here is hoping that they don't forget about the QuNeo's software/firmware.

  • I like pads, obviously, but I also like back seat driving... O would have liked to have seen mechanical keys with all this touch/position/velocity business. I just think you fundamentally change the way things are played when you start to make them all pads... again I love pads and this logic is not something I hold on to for some luddite conviction. We can still have fancy electronic instruments/controllers that have mechanical bits and pieces.

  • http://createdigitalmusic.com/2012/11/endeavours-evo-touch-sensitive-keyboard-reimagined-now-from-eur499-gallery-videos/#disqus_thread

    Little less fugly less cv more money...

  • "Its fugtional"

    I laughed so hard at this. Simpsons reference?

  • asked about the quneo software sources in the kickstarter page... sounds like they're attributing the problem to agreements between Ableton and akai....

    said that this hardware would be "more open"... nought to indicate the quneo software sources would appear.

  • @cropsie,
    Not deliberately, but it wouldn't surprise me.

    I completely agree. I don't play my stage piano w/ the weighted mechanical keys enough anymore, but that's truly my prized possession.

    That said, my keyboard+monome playing style (or even my keyboard+Ableton playing style) does call for holding keys down a lot longer than I would normally, and the only decisions I'm currently allowed to make about each note are how to attack them, and when they should end. So, I'm willing to try anything.

    (side note: I've got components around here someplace to add breath control to one of my mini keyboards and remodel it after the Horner Melodica)


    I don't know whether QuNexus or Evo offer better ergonomics, which is a real concern. But Evo is twice as large.

    It also lacks LED feedback and tilt, which QuNexus offers.

    I don't know if I care about LED feedback in a piano layout yet. I thought I did before someone offered it, but now I'm not sure what I'd do with that feature.

    Mixed feelings about tilt. It's a great feature, but ties up your other hand.

    I'll try both eventually, but need to spend money less recklessly for a little while.

    Plus, as others have noted, Eigenharp offers all this and more, albeit not in a familiar keyboard layout.

    ...and it may turn out, once my Soundplane's in hand, that that's all I need anyway.

  • @rawore,

    I'm not sure I care about QuNeo's source code exactly, but they did promise an alternate firmware which offers high-resolution unfiltered sensor data, and I desperately want THAT to materialize.

    watching this URL for a response...

    (I'm sure it's more complicated than it appears, but at surface level, it looks like instead of delivering on this promise, they spent their time developing a new product.)

    (actually, two new products; maybe three. QuNexus, QuNeo Wireless, and potentially a wireless retrofit kit of some kind for the current users)