daevlmakr returns (4max4live)

  • http://daevlmakr.com/

    brilliance by Vlad Spears/Wolf Interval

  • Been waiting for these strange effects to make a return, thanks for the update.

  • You guys are awesome. Thanks for the love.

    These aren't Max For Live droids, but they're still cool. Daevl.SK9 is a big set of Instrument Racks for Ableton Live's Simpler/Sampler made of multisamples from my precious Casio SK1 and twisty chains of Live Standard's built-in effect Devices. I used only the 8 preset sounds from the SK as starting points and went Cthulhu from there.

    The Daevl.Plugs are coming, but they aren't the Daevl.Plugs anymore. They began as components of my own kit, so after Pluggo was discontinued I pulled them back into my setup via Max For Live. A few more things to complete before I send them out into the multiverse, but they're definitely battle-proven and just about ready for release as Wolf.Devices.

    And I have more good Live Packs in the hopper.

  • Much to my shame, grief and horror, my pedantic friend, you have discovered a TYPO! How will I ever again show my shadowed face in graveyard gatherings or meet the soulless gaze of another with my own sunken eyes? Oh I know... the "edit" link! There. I feel whole again.


    Really, you're coming over to the Ableton Side? If there was a hell, it would most assuredly be solid ice right now. It was Push what pushed you, wasn't it?

  • @ Wolf Interval: Nice to hear that the Daevl Plugs are about to return. That´s one thing i really hate(d) about M4L: Not being able to use Deavl Plugs alongside aumhaa´s Monomodular Mods (for example).