256 (2008) Australia - $1100

  • edit: lowered price


    hi folks,

    i've got my 256 from the august 2008 edition for sale. it's got the bus power upgrade and the wood is in fantastic condition. a few (3) minuscule dings on the edges are the only issues. buttons still feel fantastic and haven't had any problems with it at all.

    it's been sitting on my shelf, largely unused, since i got my grayscale 128. unfortunately the buttons around the corners have yellowed slightly due to the black rubber feet of another midi controller sitting on top. i'll attach some photos shortly.

    i'm based in melbourne, australia so i'd far prefer to sell to a local buyer to avoid any more shipping miles or government taxes paid. shipping is at buyer's expense.

    i won't be putting this on ebay or any other bidding site, but the offer will stand here until it sells!

    best of and thanks,

  • Look forward to pics . In Brisbane goose ;-)

  • photos!

    here's the yellowing of the keypads:

    top-down showing yellowing around each corner:

    some minor dings/scratches on one edge only:

    and the beautiful wood grain of the back panel:

    you can email me at my at gmail


  • ooo. if i had the cash you know i would trent!

  • Ah dude!! Nice. Gotta consider selling my 2011 128 in order to raise the cash. Interested but like you would want someone within Australia to buy it? Will think on it a bit more ;-) mmmmm 256

  • oh nakagin -- if only you hadn't got that lovely new analog synth ;)))

  • just a monthly bump. still for sale, and will consider shipping for an international buyer if there's interest

  • still available y'all // will consider any reasonable offer.

  • final post. lowered price. gotta pay my taxes.