Texas 'nomers!!

  • Hey guys, kinda short notice, but if you're in the Houston area, NO SIR E will be throwing it down at a warehouse party put together by my buddies, Houston's own, The Fyre Factory, and a new media group Campus. Check it out!


  • WE

  • looks amazing, have a great night!

  • Awesome!! Playing in Austin tonight though :/. Please post whenever you guys come here!!!

  • Thanks to all who put this on! Great show! Houston needs more event just like it.

    No sir E you are one tall SOB. Great work man.

  • ^^Oh man the vibe was so nuts. No Sir E, Stephen Farris, and JayLotus are from another planet.

    We will be planning another soon. That was hella fun! I'll post about the next one.

  • such a great weekend!
    footage comin soon