wood warp on a single piece walnut 64

  • my walnut 64 body has been quite warped for a few months. 2mm gaps on two sides.

    i guess it's because of the damp climate. would placing a bag of silica inside the enclosure or placing the enclosure (electronics removed - natch) on a warm radiator for a while make any difference in getting rid of excess moisture in the wood?

  • unfortunately this design "breathes" pretty heavily from season to season. i've seen mine open and close cyclicly.

    what i might suggest-- next time is closes up (when the weather shifts) apply a couple coats of poly both on the inside and outside. it'll substantially change the finish, but it won't move.

  • fair enough.

    poly would leave it with a satin finish would it? i don't think i'd like that.

    fuck it. it's beyond minor. i'll leave it as is and admire the tight fit during summer.

  • Attach a camera to it, measure the crack in real time and have it apply a "color" to all of the sounds you generate with it based on that change, virtual real instrument!

    (yes I am aware that is silly but conceptually I would read a few pages on a project like that)

  • You want to measure and inspect my crack???

  • NO, I just want you to record your crack with a webcam, what's the big deal, jeez...

  • heeeeeeeee!