eub and monome

  • This isn't all that amazing, but it's my first monome thing that sounds (hopefully!) a bit interesting. I'm new to all this, so possibly that's an excuse for my ineptitude.
    Thanks for listening if you do...

  • I dig that you went straight for Party Van. Most people go with mlr, and as a result, you don't sound like them.

    It doesn't sound inept. Muddy, perhaps (the drone is covering a lot of detail in your sound), but that's really a stylistic choice.

    Anyway, welcome. And thanks for sharing!

  • i like this a lot.

  • Thanks! I'm thrilled that it might be worth listening to.

    I agree it does sound muddy, i was going for a gradually decaying sound but i was worried that no one would listen to it if it was too long, so it's pretty much all decayed. Hopefully a better more interesting one will be forthcoming.