FS: UK/EU - 256 2009 - Bus Powered - SOLD

  • Decided to pass on my 256 and go back to a 128

    Lowest priced 256 for sale on here]

    Selling for £525 plus postage

    Payment by paypal

    Free postage in UK only

    It has small scratches on the side as shown and a foot on the bottom missing but functions perfectly.

    will list on ebay if not sold today


    300 x 168 - 38K
    300 x 168 - 37K
    300 x 168 - 52K
  • Bargain bump!

  • Monsieur spqr has a whispering request in the pipelines.

  • Mail me, i m interested.


    Got a gs 64 to trade also.

    Did you buy it new?

  • Contact me,i need it!!

  • sold now

    monomeless for a lil while, please help with support for my withdrawal !!


  • Im riding solo on the dundee monome front again aye. :(

  • @dean

    "Im riding solo on the dundee monome front again aye. :( "

    but not for long hopefully

    looking for a gs128 dean and regretting selling the last one big time bud


  • Been thinking about trying to trade my 256 for a 128 and 64! Quite like the idea of smaller!