Who brings their monome to work?

  • I was recording sounds around the house and a conversation with some friends then brought it to work and flipped out this track:

    http://soundcloud.com/niceicles/copeeman (newwwww ep sooon yall)

    I have been working at an arena for over a year and certain times i get to work on music. I love it as i am all the way up in the top and no one sees me as i push buttons and produce some beats. I have recently found that a GS 64 and a quneo provide wonders for mobile producing! hope you enjoy the track if you check it out and here is a picture of the "bird's eye" view!!

    Surely I'm not the only one who brings their monome to work.... if i am then don't tell on me haha !!!!

    1280 x 960 - 226K
  • sounds great!

  • So jealous.. Don't think it would go over that well in my cube though...But I can't lie, I've thought about it.

  • Used the monome on night shift in psyc hospital. Very unwell patient found me on my break one night and was fascinated by my little box

  • used to take mine to uni, and when lectures got boring I'd put in a headphone with the gs64 on my lap, and groove away a boring class

    ...side note: always thought it might be fun to mount one of these in the dashboard of my car and hook it up to the stereo, just run raspberry PI in the background and have my favourite patch ready to go...or maybe steeringWheelNome for during rush hour?

  • haha, awesome.

  • That looks like a pretty lively and inspiring place to do that shit. I've brought mine to work but never played much. 3 other people have monomes at my work. 1 guy is active on these boards too. I had no idea he had a monome. The 3rd guy I sold my older 256 to. Alas, work is pretty busy stressful and we've never done more than talk about monomes in the same room :(

  • haha great! Do you then MLR an organ to the audience? ^^

  • ive taken my op1 and gameboy to work, never a monome tho