Anyone here use a Sp404?

  • I'm thinking about picking one up. I use mlr and was wondering if the workflow is similar/comparible. What's the pattern sequencer like?

  • not similar to mlr at all i would say.

    pattern sequencer is okay (prob the weakest feature on it). what bugs me the most is that its a separate mode u have to get into to record i.e. cant do it on the fly (this would make the sp soooo killer). the workflow on the seq is not that favorable either.
    1 track per pattern.
    ive been rockin the sp for like 5-6 years now (own the whole family, 202,303,404). i've only used the pattern sequencer maybe twice.

    having said that, there is nothing like the sp's. they are super bomb. highly unorthodox style/workflow. beast of a sampler. the 202 and 303 especially have a gritty dirty sound that is unique to itself.

  • ringo is right

    they are very different
    how different largely depends on how you chop / loop
    what your workflow is like
    mabye even which version of mlr you prefer

    i borrowed a 303 from a friend mid way thru 2010
    the only sampler i had used prior to that was a 128 running mlr cyst

    i used to use the pattern recorder in mlr alot so it was weird and fun to approach things differently

    when i flip samples i never prepare neat little 4/4 loops of melody or drums
    and i usually sample direct from the source audio (vinyl / cassette / youtube)

    so for me
    loading samples directly into the sp is pretty much the same as with a monome

    the main difference is what can be done after the samples are in

    regarding the pattern seq
    i've never used that feature before on the 303 or 404
    cant really give you feedback on it

  • I purchased a 404sx a few weeks ago. I love the sound of the 404's compressor and its nice to get away from the laptop with its latency and gui's . It's certainly more convenient to sample into the 404 when compared to ableton/logic. I've been a bit spoiled by mlr though as I miss the ability to launch a sample from different points within the file. I'm working on a setup with mlrv2/iPad for harmonic stuff with drums/pads on the 404. Sort of like galapagoose, only shittier. The 404 is a great tool and its growing on me everyday. Like the monome, it has its own flaws and limitations.