Carry on bag.....

  • After shrinking my drums+electronics (monome) setup it's to the point that I can fit it all into a carry on bag. Well, the most important bits anyways. Unfortunately the carry on bag I have is too small. Basically I made my DIY stringed instrument ( EXACTLY the right size to fit inside the maximum allowable carry on baggage.

    I've been hunting around and haven't found a suitable bag yet.

    Now that I'm in school a lot more and spend whole days out and about with food/books/laptop/stuff (started a PhD in a city 1hour away) I'm thinking I might get one of those carry on bags with backpack straps.

    The two that I am eyeballing are this UDG bag:

    And this Thule one:

    The UDG one looks much better as it looks comfier and has a side pocket, which I use all the time for a water bottle. Both are about the same size/weight, and both are wheely/backpack jobbers.

    No dealers for Thule anywhere nearby though (Manchester, UK), so that makes it hard to 'try one out'. Gonna call some local shops tomorrow to see if any have the UDG bag as lots of them are UDG distributors.

    Anyone have a nice carry on/backhack/wheely type bag that treats them nice on the road with laptopy gear and such?

  • Check out rolling camera bags.
    They have modular insides,

    Check out (Thinktank) and there rolling bags, these are really good quality.
    Or evin rolling (pelican )cases,

    Crumpler make really strong stuff to, check out there camera bags.

  • I keep thinking about getting a boblbee backpack or other bag. They seem interesting at least.

  • A friend of mine has a nice crumpler bag, and I was actually eyeballing that before deciding to go with a wheely/backpack hybrid bag.

    Some of those thinktank ones are nice, but pricey! The modular insides aren't needed, or come to think of it, wanted. I kind of like the backpack compartment + lots of pockets vibe, as opposed to the camera style open space + dividers.

    I will have a look about at camera bags though, that didn't even occur to me.

  • i have an incase backpack that i just took on a trip overseas
    had space for lomo / laptop / ipad / sp 404 / and two moogerfoogers + cables

    i love the bag but a friend of mine likes it alot so i'm gifting it to him

    had been looking for a replacement and stumbled on this last week:

    never heard of magma but
    they have a range of other bags and cases
    some wheeled, some not

  • ive got a nice tom bihn travel bag, not much in the way of padding, but greatly modular...