Anyone here like Sufjan Stevens?


    (always loved his stuff, i got to play some guitar on a compilation album put out by his label, too:
    really impressed with how he runs that label: )

  • have nothing against him but havent listened to much of his music
    ak is a great label tho

    i'm partial to helado negro
    i love that man

  • "for the widows in paradise" is my joint, dude.

  • YES! He's one of my all-time top 5. I'm seeing him in Austin this Saturday and I CAN'T WAIT.

  • Dude I love sufjan. His stuff is so awesome.

  • just pulled out seven swans from a dusty bin of cds a few days ago.

  • His Christmas albums are my preferred soundtrack of the season. In fact, I used a sample from one in the first MCRP I participated in...

  • I loves Sufjan, I does. Every time I hear his music, it's like a little party for my ears to celebrate awesomeness!


  • one of my favorites that ceases to exit rotation.

  • Early stuff is golden... Felt he lost his sparkle a bit after the first few albums, but Seven Swans is a beautiful release and frequently makes it onto my play list. Sister is an all time favorite.