• lol

    "monome, 2012. our crazy-ass asses is playas, wassup."

  • omg thank you.

  • "we design adaptable, minimalist intercourses up in tha catgame"


  • "our crazy-ass asses engineered these componentz yo, but we’re also tha gangstas whoz ass assemble n' test everythang."


  • "fuck yo ass once again fo' yo' support wit dis sickest fuckin edition. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch. we’re straight-up far along tha fuck into our parallel assembly process n' shizzlepin will begin monday. you’ll git a trackin number when yo' order shizzles, n' our crazy-ass asses shizzle up in order of receipt, so early ordaz go up first."




  • utterly chucklesome!

  • !!!!!! smiling like a fool!!!! funny fun fun!

  • From the monome wikipedia page

    Monome be a gang of intercourse devices fo' computas done cooked up by a Pennsylvania company of tha same stupid-ass name. Despite bein produced irregularly up in lil' small-ass quantitizzles since itz introduction up in 2006, tha Monome button-grid controlla has had a significant impact on electronic beatz.