Fear around new installation?

  • Hey all, just got brand new MacBook Pro running mountain lion is seems. Haven't installed anything yet? Bit concerned as to whether I will have problems as I have seen on various threads.Should I just follow the standard set up procedure or is there something I am missing in terms of what people have posted re: potential problems. Be good to get it working from scratch without any problems as I am not too literate in terms of the mac and 'going under the hood' to mess around wih things and uninstalling etc. any pointers gratefully received

    Cheers all

  • Raja
    Legend sir, I shall progress with no fear then. Was kinda flipped out by the 'mountain lion' thread. I am a moron though as I cut through our Internet cable in the garden so have to wait for that to be fixed before I can download all bits as outlined in set up. I shall follow the set up as per usual mate.