i/o solutions for ipad

  • (aside from the alesis dock)
    is anybody using adapters or connectors they are happy with?

    particularly for output

    if so
    please share

  • The GM5 module from midibox works great for getting midi in/out using the Camera Connector Kit. Doesn't require a powered hub either. Works with the GM5x5x5 as well. Recent bulk order will probably be the last. It's a great unit to usb midi things. I, as well as others, ordered extra chips/pcbs. It's wayyyy cheaper than an iConnect unit to get midi in/out of the iPad.

  • hi gli,

    what do you want to output?


    did some research.



  • I found the camera connection kit way to easy to dislodge, a major PIA...
    Just curious, why are you saying besides the ioDock? The ioDock works ok for me (but Alesis customer support is bollocks, I had to wait 4 months for the proper adapter for my iPad2)
    Apple annoy the hell out of me for not simply providing a usb port. Bastards.

  • Yes, not having a usb port was a fd thing to do, a large bit of hubris me thinks. Especially when you consider that they went and changed the connector after all. I may build an enclosure to hold the camera connector more securely with the ipad as well.

  • thanks all

    seems like io dock is most popular...i know folks who have it and use it
    wanted to hear about its competition and see what works best


    i have the i-rig midi thing
    had been researching a bit myself and hadnt yet stumbled across that tascam unit so thank you

  • @gli

    ah.ok. let me know how it goes with the tascam if you give it a go. i´m pretty interested as well...

    edit: damn. how could i forget. we used to sell this in our store. i can highly recoomend


    or wireless


    it is comming with a 30 pin to USB cable in the box. no camera kit needed.
    plug and play :-)

  • @monoaural

    THAT looks like a perfect device
    simple clean design
    small footprint
    looks sturdy

    rca + headphone outs too

    only thing i need to check: app compatibility

    you have any hands-on time with it?
    is it just an itunes router? (or does it play nicely with most/all soft synths and sound mangling apps?)

  • It looks perfect for the one task it was designed for: playback of prerecorded music.

    For creation of music, I see several problems:

    This doesn't look like it supports MIDI. And of course it fills your iPad's only digital connector, so you can't supplement it with a second device to add MIDI support.

    This blocks several functions:

    * iPad as controller, e.g. TouchOSC, Lemur, BeatSurfer, etc.

    * synched playback between iPad apps and the DAW on your computer

    * keyboard playback of iPad synths

    * external control of iPad apps that you might not think of as being MIDI hosts (e.g., a foot controller for "loopy")

    It also doesn't appear to have audio inputs. Which then blocks:

    * recording audio from a mic or instrument

    * applying audio effects to your mic or instrument

    * any use of the term "i/o" to describe it

    And finally, this last part is purely speculation, but I'm sure it adds significant latency. Which is completely irrelevant while you're playing back iTunes (so there's no point in listing specs on their website). But it could make your synths functionally worthless.

  • good points

    it is limited
    especially at the price

    wish i could get my hands on one to test the functionality beyond itunes playback

  • @gli

    if midi i/o and audio in is need i think the tascam would do the job. i did some research today. i might get a used one.

    speaking of soundquality the nu force is a good choice with the lack of the very good points which @gtz has mentioned.

  • for my equipment setup and workflow
    audio takes precedence over midi
    and audio output is more important than input

    obviously a device that does all would be great
    but if it only pumps out decent audio from the ipad i'd be willing to compromise

    where'd you used to work btw?

  • Using this one for midi, very flexible:

    Waiting for this one for audio:

    official realease date: ConnectMUSE will be available Q2 of 2012 and will retail at a MSRP of $229.99 USD (expected in December 2012 now)

  • I'm starting to think I should have gone with the iConnectMIDI myself. It's pricy, but definitely more of a long-term solution.

    Basically held off because I didn't realize the iConnectMUSE was coming, much less that the devices would both run concurrently. I just figured "if I've taken up the USB port w/ my MIDI interface, there's no room for an audio interface".

    Sad now.

  • just checked out iConnectMuse
    interesting little device. chainable through Ethernet as well. nice. connected to an iPad i was wondering if you would get any midi out of it.

    last year we founded a company called sonozen www.sonozen.de. I was the workshop dude. The speakers were casted by a patented process of a synthetic gypsum which was developed by my friend. Awesome looking & incredible Sound. Pretty linear, clean and neutral. Some customer compared it with a adam speaker series.

  • update:

    check this out

    same here. i´m still not sure if the device does the DAC job.????!!?!?

    just had a quick chat on the phone with the official german iConnectivity distributer http://www.iconnectivity.eu/. This guy said, that the iConncetMuse wont be relased before 2Q 2013. Nice place to experience german customer service at its best. ;-)

  • ...2Q 2013, I am crying, thanks for the info anyway.

    I also checked the rest and I guess everybody has differents needs.
    For midi the iconnectmidi is still the best choice for me, because you can make
    so many different connections, which comes first for me..., the only big
    disadvantage is that it does not power the iPad once it is connected.

    I wonder why the cable is so short on the vestax vmidi.
    Not sure if I should trust Behringer...

    Still think the iConncetMuse seems so far the to be the best choice for best audio results and I also like the handy size, but 2Q 2013 is tough...