mouse recommendation?

  • anyone have a computer mouse that they like a lot? i'm looking to purchase a mouse that's comfortable to use for many, many hours a day. in terms of software i'll be using it for programming/music/light gaming. guide me towards less hand pain.


  • maybe one of those logitech ball thingies or an apple magic mouse.
    i just use a standard mouse with super sensitivity and i barely have to move it to do something.

  • If you're on Mac, the Magic Trackpad is nice. I find I exercise my hand more than I would with a mouse and so don't get cramps or anything. Maybe not so great for gaming though... Depends on the games.

  • also get a wrist supportive mouse pad, and make sure your posture is correct. essential!

  • i picked up a razer deathadder mouse for work. Its really nice. I love my macbook trackpad (gestures et alia are great for worklow), but for fiddly vector editing and rts gaming, a mouse really works better imo.

  • I use a Razer mamba.
    It has never let new down.
    Gaming or working, and ist wireless and it stays charged for hours .

    They also have a hand pad witch you can map macros to.
    I forget it's name but it is sick to, I maped all my keyboard short cuts to it
    And it speeds up workflow, and it has a joy stick .

  • If you've got hand pain from mouse use, you might consider using a pen tablet. I used one for a couple of years as a mouse substitute, and it was fine.

    I particularly liked that with an A5 pad, I never had to move my hand very far, whereas with a mouse, I have to make much bigger or more repetitive movements to get across the screen, or scroll or what ever.

    Obviously if you get cramp using a pen, then it may not be such a good idea.

    Currently using a logitech wireless mouse, which is fine. The thing that really creeps up on you, in ergonomic terms, is that your eye muscles get no exercise in adjusting to different distances, since you are only focusing on the screen.


    Someone at work just bought something like the second link and they love it.

    The Magic mouse is too small, it makes my hand cramp

    A lot of 3d people use Wacom tablets which just seem so cumbersome to me Outside of the apps that actually need a pen input... It feels easier on smaller tablets but the ones we have at work are huge.

    I love the magic pad but for Precision it sucks. I have a Wacom bamboo that switches between magic pad style and pen but I could never force myself to get comfy with it even though I see great potential there.

  • I don't recommend the tablet solution for everyday use,: I've got a Wacom Bamboo tablet too and, after getting used to using it (which takes a week or so IIRC), found it wasn't that great. It's just kind of clumsy in most instances and didn't feel that responsive. Sure, it's great if you've got a paintbox program or you want to annotate something, but the truth of it is that most software is designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard (or a game controller) and not a graphics tablet.

  • what kind of gaming are you planning on doing?

  • no plans to game really, it happens here and there. old school arcade and platform games.

    i have a trackpad, am not that into it. i have been using a microsoft mouse for far too many years.

    i'm looking at razer's mice and something about them urks me. i don't like the visual and the led stuff but whatever. i'm skeptical of the mamba cause it's wireless and i've had bad experiences wireless devices and osx. the deathadder is a possibility.

    thanks for the suggestions all.

  • update: i ended up purchasing a cm storm xornet ($29.99) and a logitech trackball ($49.99). both are great. i slightly prefer non-trackball mouses, but either work fine for sessions.

  • If you like trackballs I'm pretty sure you will love Kensington Expert Mouse !!