don't facebook my soundcloud

  • a new track

    also at

    just another commodify rant ;)

  • Nice.
    I think we are all coming to terms with the realization that, immaterially, we all have been working to the benefit of others. And a kind of immaterial revolution might after all come be. Somehow. Someday.

  • I've listened to this a couple times now... and I just have to say

    rawroe... you are a genius!!!

    really enjoyed it...

    My favorite part is that I can't tell if you actually give a shit or not.

    ***Slow clap***

  • nice "remix" lol

  • some remix... I've seen, tried

    gathered in a set (you have to straddle to the new sc to add someone else's track to your set, I think)

    @alpah - well I keep jumping back to the 'classic' for my social fix

    maybe some better integration of old/new would work?

    as for the production, I had in mind remix - held some things down

  • I was popping to and fro as well. It took me a week to find my actual tracks from my profile page.

    Dude, is that you reading? That voice is epic. I would like to hear an entire book read in that voice.

  • this track I'm trying out a TC Helicon voicetone, using it mostly as a preamp, some compression and de-ess. also through a Nady ribbon mike (rsm-5), away from my normal setup.

    here's a link to a reading in a bookstore, recorded with mike in the front row. probably more like my 'voice', a little higher register.

    coyote poems inside

    this is my remix inside the set mentioned in comments up a couple

    just itchin' to get a monome working on the asus!