FlowStone "Visual Programming"

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    Someone has just made me aware. At work and am stealing some time to post this in hopes that when I get done you will have already done all the homework.


  • Looks nice enough. No free runtime, though. And no talk of exporting your apps to an executable. They're playing in max's sandbox, so those are pretty big omissions.

    More telling; I don't see a forum on their site. Nor any attempt to draw and maintain a community of artists and developers together. It's like they've built an artist-friendly tool, but don't understand what that means.

    My gut instinct is that this is going to be a very closed ecosystem, and I sort of lose interest at that realization. It feels like a dead end.

    Hold up, I'm completely wrong. But only about that first part -- it exports .VST plugins and .EXE files. Way cool. But are the .VSTs cross-platform? OSX support is a must...

  • @beaver
    funny, obviously you where reading my thoughts. i had an idea yesterday, and this is could be the key. no OSX support, yet?. damn :-(

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  • so formerly flowstone also made a product called "synthmaker".


    you may have heard of it, it's flowstone now.

  • I can't see this kicking off...at all.

  • Well, synthmaker did have a user community.

    Since FlowStone doesn't have one, I sort of think they merged in the wrong direction.

    Note: searching the forums for "OSX" reveals that compatibility is a long-term goal, but not currently in the works.

    This may or may not mean that their VST files are Windows-only. (It could only be referring to .AU export, to tasks like automatically copying the exported files into your VST directory upon export, and of course to running the editor itself)

  • It looks very interesting. I agree it looks somewhat Max-like (and having shelled out for Max and upgrades since 4.6 that makes me somewhat queasy).
    One of the things I promised myself to do in Max was to migrate a robot into Max (lots of good reasons to do so). Flowstone looks even better for what I want, on cursory inspection; the 5-axis arm I use was made by Lynxmotion, one of the FlowStone partners.

    I downloaded it and hit the first 'gotcha' - it looks like it wants MS .NET Framework - not a showstopper, but a royal PITA - I run multiple boot systems and have .net on a couple, but not mixed with my music software, or the techie stuff. Obviously that only affects wintel users. .NET has an unreasonably large footprint IMHO, and the updating is a little chaotic.

    So I may get round to looking at it on a .NET system...