trade my new 2012 arc 4 for an older arc 4?

  • I know this sounds silly, but having the opportunity to fiddle around a bit with grainstorm is what got me into the monome thing. I have to say that i'm a bit disappointed that i can't really operate grainstorm in functional way with my new arc. Yes, i realize that if i could code with Max that i could probably figure out a workaround, but i'm not there yet, nowhere near.

    The arc is a thing of a beauty, but not so functional for me. Anyone want to swap for an older button push model in as great condition as mine is?

    Pics available if there's any interest. Thanks!

  • do you have a new 256?

    I'd trade old 256 + arc4 for new 256 + arc4

    due to form factor

  • I live in the usa, so shipping to germany is probably not worth it.

    sorry, i only have the new arc.

  • Hi,
    i'm interested. Mine is essentially mint. What condition is yours?