Arc 4 2012 Edition. 1 Encoder has come loose and no longer works.

  • One of the encoders on my 2012 Arc 4 has come loose. It's still attached to the device but wobbles freely from side to side and no longer has a smooth turning action like the others. Can hear some noises from inside the unit, sounds like it's come loose from whatever it was connected to.

    How can I reconnect it?

    Also out of interest is there any way to tighten or loosen the encoders? One feels easier to turn/looser than the others.

  • Interested to see what feedback you will get on this.

    I also noticed some discrepancy in the way the encoders feel on the new arc4 (as in some feel tighter than others). I am not too concerned about it as the differences are subtle, but still, it would be good to know what to do if the issues were more pronounced.

    On a somewhat related note, I noticed that the wood finish on the new arc is different from the 2012 grid. The grid has a much smoother finish, while the arc has a rough texture to it. I wonder if this was a design decision that is true for the whole new arc line, or if my units are somehow different from the rest.
    As I said, it was only "somewhat" related :-)


  • @myr. sounds like the nut may have loosened? if you're ambitious you could check:

    otherwise e-mail and we'll arrange a repair.

    @laborcamp: wood finish between editions has become a bit subjective-- it's a good reminder for us to compare between editions. we generally do 3 passes of sanding alternated with oiling, with ascending grits. sometimes we've seen that the cutter might not have been quite as sharp during milling, which gives an overall different feel.

  • Good to know. There is a pretty substantial difference between my grid and arc. While I can see the three passes on the grid, am quite certain that arc did not go through the same process. This is not a big deal, as it does not have any impact on functionality, but it did get me curious. :-) Thanks for the clarification.

  • If the knobs on the arc vary in stiffness - or particularly, if one feels slightly gritty or is sticking - it's possible that the optical encoder is pushed on slightly too far and is pushing against the securing clip. It's pretty easy to lever it out slightly.

  • cheers guys!

    took apart the arc today, with a bit of help from my dad and his much greater collection of tools back at the family home. it's now reassembled and working! was a relatively simple job too, luckily it was the 3rd encoder along so didn't require taking apart too much of the unit.

    unfortunately it seems we may have accidentally wiped some of the grease off of the encoder shaft. it now spins much too freely for my liking, to the point that it does spin freely a little bit when you turn it hard and let go quickly.

    the previous differences in turn action were mild and fine to deal with, but this one now just feels way too different and much too light. definitely don't want it continuing to spin after a quick fast turn.

    is more grease the only way to increase the friction/stiffness?

  • @myr: yes, likely. e-mail your mailing address to and i'll send you some.

  • squeeky wheel gets the grease!

    ... for christmas!