new batch of 128s

  • am a little confused about the ordering system and how it will work this weekend with the new 128s. I put myself on this waiting list right at the beginning of may, and it says on the email that invoices will be sent out when a new edition is 'announced'. Anyone know if that means the may 30th edition or the next set? My status still reads 'pending' so I'm guessing I was too late.

  • there's a chance you won't get in on this edition depending on how many people drop out of the waiting list.

    we send out e-mail invoices. if we don't get a response within two days or so, we drop the order and send invoices further down the list.

  • Will you drop a message when the invoices are sent out? People are dying to find out whether they have made it on the list (well, at least I am!)

  • Ok, people complain on the forum that they have no credit card to pay for the 128... seems like I'm not in the first batch then ;) (grr)

  • we'll send out the next round of invoices on monday, don't despair.

  • Great, another three days of anxiety - you have no idea what you're doing to us! (but obviously, you're pretty good at it ;-) )

  • Just bought mine ;-)
    However my Vespa won't be getting a new engine for the time being 8"-(

  • Let me know in case you change your mind ;)

  • Well skore, being a wishy-washy person I have to convince myself to the point of blind dedication to drop this kind of money (like my purchase of a Roland TD-8 v-series Drum kit) on something. So at the moment I appear to be irreparably committed to the purchase.

  • Don't worry, I just got my notification!