FT: 256 for GS128 + (Edited)

  • Anyone interested by this at all? Or in some sort of trade.
    Thought id see if there is any interest.

    Looking for grayscale 128, Yamaha DX7 (pref Dx7II), Moog Little Phatty.


  • I have a 2009 128 Walnut Monome I'd be willing to trade

  • Sorry, looking for both a 128 and 64, of GS or new design.

  • Got a greyscale 128 dean. Can't help ya on the 64 front mate. Why you getting rid of 256?
    P.S. that patch you made up for me is my workhorse cheers ;-)

  • was just thinking about that patch the other day! you needing any changes made to it? Need some max projects!

    I aint using the 256 as much as i could be. Feel like im using the other estate only because its there. 128 + 64 sounds more realistic! (although id love to keep the 256 and have a 128 + 64) haha.

  • I hear ya, loud and clear! Ha ha. Patch is all good. However I have been following a thread on here about ps3 controllers. I dabbled with trying it out but get no response when using in conjunction with other patches? If you could explain what is going on then great? :-)

    If you wanted to get a 128 what would you want for the 256? Not that I've got funds at the moment just interested

  • hmm thats bizarre. I can have a look at the patch, best asking GTZ or Myr though. I dont even had a PS3 controller to test it with :(.

    Im really only interested in a trade man sorry. Im only putting the idea out there rather than a definite proposal.

  • That's all good dean hope someone comes through for ya mate. Sounds like a plan to me, but shit I'm greedy! Want a 256 AND a 64 back again. The gluttony of the gear junkie eh? Ha ha

  • as it happens I have a greyscale 128 and two ( as yet unbuilt ) 40h kits including led's that I'd be interested in trading for a 256 ...

    -which edition is it ? I'm in australia hence the spelling above ..

    ( was thinking of listing them for sale... this might be a better idea though. )

    L page

  • Im in UK and should be spelling it grey also!
    I appreciate your interest but I couldn't do a trade with such a new face on the forum.

    Sorry mate.