waking to eternia ` cassette

  • a friend of mine released his album friday
    i love the whole project (including the visuals)

    and i was glad to contribute a remix on the b-side
    check it out if you have a minute http://emetece.net/shop/waking-to-eternia

    previews of each side at the link above

    but if you'd like the full album stream
    its here . http://lofismokemusic.bandcamp.com/album/waking-to-eternia

  • Good stuff!

  • I ordered the tape off the site, i was kinda expecting a free download when i did that, no?

  • beautiful!!

  • @ blungo

    thanks man...the d/l code is included in the tape packaging
    but since you probably want it asap i'll email you the zip after work :)


    thank you...it really is great stuff
    especially some of the videos that were done for the tracks

  • Coo, thanks!

  • Tried a couple times to unzip it with no success...