[album] phortran - in between places

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    improvised monome performances reduced to their essence

    download for 3 BONUS HIDDEN TRACKS

    thank you for your support!

  • Sounds great!

  • amped jazz glitch'n'breaks. stutterstep drumbeats overlayed with soft, downtempo pads and piano riffs. electronoise vs sleepytime melodies. wild and restrained, rapidfire and placid, all at once.

    condensed groovessence, folks. support this art!

  • "condensed groovessence" !!
    ....can't wait to hear the bonus tracks!!


  • red, ioflow, gtz, cheesenoonions


    you guys are way too cool, thank you so much for the support!! it's super validating as an artist to just sell an album, that's so huge for me. just the idea that somebody actually wants to support this--all of you, no less-- it's huge, my gratitude is inexpressible. day made!

  • very nice! great piano in track two. great to see you releasing music alongside such great software.

  • thanks brian! :)