Setting up monome with Max4Live

  • I've searched around the forum but could not for the life of me find the answer to this basic question - how to setup the monome for use with Max4Live.

    The Mac install instructions with obo and a couple of other apps mention placing files within the Application Support folder for Live, but on my fresh install of Live 8 and 9 Beta no such folder exists in my system Library.

    Helps? I'm good with using the monome within Max, but puzzled how it works for Max4Live.

  • I'm guessing those are Mac instructions and you're on PC?

  • No, I am on a Mac, but cannot locate the following folders in my system Library to copy over the files as in the instructions from Stretta's M4L Suite (

    /Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect

    /Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/Presets/MIDI Effects/Max MIDI Effect

    My additional confusion is, once SerialOSC is installed and running in the background, what else is actually required to incorporate the monome with Max4Live?


  • SerialOSC is a background service. It is also a shared resource (serialosc.maxpat) that every monome app uses and not every app distributes because we know you already have it. That's the "connect" button.

    ...okay, hang on. backing up a bit.

    Those directories are where your existing Max For Live patches live. The ones that ship with it when you install Max For Live. There's a directory of audio effects, and a directory of MIDI effects. Right?

    Stretta is suggesting that you put his apps in those directories so that, when you go to your "Max Audio Device" or "Max MIDI Device" list, his apps will be found there.

    The directories may be different on your machine, but you can use this info to locate them on your hard drive.

    If you don't have those items in your Live device list, you may not have installed Max For Live, and this is no longer a monome question but an Ableton one. =)

  • vrsn- Basically those folders are subfolders of your Ableton Library, which may or may not be in the Application Support folder of your system library (for instance my Ableton Library is part of the "Audio" folder in my Home folder)
    You can look in your Ableton prefs to see where your library is located. Once you find that it you should be able to figure out the rest of the file tree.

    If you are on Mountain Lion your Library folder is hidden my default, so you may need to make it visible. Here's a few ways to do so if you haven't already:

  • Aha! That was partly user Library directory was hidden on Mountain Lion, even though my system level Library was visible.

    OK, I placed Stretta's files into the appropriate folders within the Application Support/Ableton/Library directories. The devices still did not show up in my Max Audio or MIDI device tree within Ableton, so I simply dragged them from the finder into tracks within Live and they copied to my user directory.

    Now the only issue is that there seems to be no communication between monome and any of these m4l devices (such as obo, etc). Are there ANY other preference settings I should be applying within Live, MIDI settings, etc? Or is there another step I am missing to setup communication between Live and the monome?


  • I guess what would help is a step-by-step for setting things up between Ableton/Max4Live/monome. It's something I cannot seem to find in the documentation section of this site.

  • Okay! Getting closer.

    Stretta built those particular apps back in the MonomeSerial days. They are not necessarily representative of how monome apps work in Max for Live. (it looks like that's what's on the wiki, because that's the version he documented)

    You can still use those versions (and take advantage of his autofocus feature) by routing them through "Pages". This is true of any such app.

    I don't have a lot of detail, but having mentioned the word Pages, we can now expect Phortran to magically show up and help you.

    In 3... 2.. 1...

    Strange. That usually works.

    Pages is here:
    It's worth using. I don't yet, 'cause I'm foolish and unwise.

    You'll find SerialOSC ports of those particular apps in this thread:
    but again, the autofocus feature that he's showing off in that video won't carry over.

  • I use monome bridge

    and it all works fine, and autofocus seems to work fine.

    Unless I really misunderstand whaT autofocus is. But if it means that the monome automatically switches between plugins or tracks with different apps, then, it works!

  • it only seems to work in Max 5 though

  • That is what it means.

    Not sure why it's breaking in Max 6, but I'm also not entirely surprised.