Gear for sale, UK

  • Hi guys,

    Doing a bit of a new year clear out. Anyone interested in the following?

    Barber LTD distortion pedal £80
    WTPA Sampler £125 [built onto a case with in / out / midi and a 9V power connector (and a switch that's not connected to anything!)]
    Korn Monotron £20
    Boss ME-50 (full working order but well used!) £100
    Raspberry Pi with PSU, 4GB SD card, USB Wifi £70

    Photo here...

    Paypal or bank transfer, UK preferred but if you're willing to pay the postage might ship further

  • i'll take the nanokontrol mate - based in Bolton can pay with paypal. let me know

    theeveningeconomies [at] gmail dot com


  • Nanokontrol sold.

  • DL4 sold, BOSS ME-50 added.

  • hey, im interessted in the monome 64,
    is it buspowered?

    please answer to


  • raspberry pi added. Walnut 64 is pending a sale...

  • Walnut 64 sold

  • Killamix off the list (for now)