clone 256 on ipad


  • very cool, is this you or your project?

    if so how do I do it how do I do it

    it looks like TouchOSC!!

    also desktop link

    wish there was a download linker

  • Please post this patch!

  • @cropsie, you can find a monomeserial working lemur template if you want

  • A 256 version? I have the touchmonome 128 patch for touchosc.

  • @cropsie, monomodular suite has a 256 emulator for lemur, and touchosc that uses monomserial, or serialosc.

    works like a charm.

  • Ahhh, thanks James. I must be the only person on this board wiithout m4l.

  • That will be more true in a few months (when it's free with Live Suite) than it is now.

    Anyway, tom3d hasn't logged in since January 6th, but his email address is listed in his profile. Maybe contact him directly?

    Worth noting: Just staring at the youtube video, I think his setup is MonomeSerial based.

    It surprises me that nobody's adapted this to a 256:

  • cropsie - no m4l, no max over here. no rules! kickflip

  • hi cropsie, check this one:
    no m4l :) but no serialsosc

  • i should work. touchosc 256

  • sorry, just now.