serialosc + Windows = Confusion

  • I've read through as many serialosc posts as I can in the hope of not having to bother the community with my questions, but I am at a loss. If someone needs to slap me upside the head and direct me to the proper repository of information, please feel free to do so.

    When I scan the "serialosc 1.2 testing" thread my head hurts from lack of comprehension and I am worried that I don't know enough to proceed with the serialosc install (WTF is a 'terminal,' for one thing). This may be a case of too much information gleaned from too many threads combined with too little understanding, but here goes.

    I'm running WinXP with a 2010 gs128 and currently using monomeserial.

    1. If I follow the current Windows serialosc installation instructions, which include installing the current FTDI driver, serialosc, Bonjour, Max and the zeroconf externals, am I good to go?

    2. What's with the new serialosc.maxpat2? Do I need to replace each serialosc.maxpat instance in each app with this new one, renamed as the old one?

    3. Are the zeroconf externals still required at this point? (The thread titled "new serialosc.maxpat -- no zeroconf" makes me think not.)

    4. Is Bonjour still required?

    5. Does serialosc fix the cable orientation bug with the gs128? In monomeserial it is always 90 degrees off.

    6. What's the story with tilt and serialosc: does it work?

    7. There seem to be many uninstalling horror stories floating about. If I botch the installation and want to go back to monomeserial, how difficult is it to completely and cleanly uninstall serialosc from Windows?

    8. Given the age of my system and the fact that I'm a dabbler and not a musician, should I just stick with monomeserial since it runs pretty seamlessly for me? Other than not being able to run serialosc apps, is there a downside?

    Thanks for any and all help.

  • @antiphon
    I run XP with Max 5 & 6 currently in parallel, with a kit-built 40h.

    I'm now running the new serialosc at the top of this page:

    I agree with @karakaoze:

    1 I uninstalled the old serialosc with the standard control panel/add-remove software, then installed the new one. As I recall, if you have monome serial, that should work too. Don't think I bothered with newest FTDI, though I'd updated it for serialosc 1. Shouldn't need zeroconf.

    2 Be a bit organised to swap out versions of serialosc.maxpat. It took a while to work through the various serialosc.maxpat patches to find one which picked it up: tehn's last one - the fourth iteration IIRC worked for me, but only with max6, not max5. NB also use tehn's test-grid.maxpat with at least iteration four, as the previous (pretty) monome test patch doesn't seem to work with some of the later serialosc.maxpat patches.

    3 After carefully testing this, I can confirm that zeroconf is not needed for the new serialosc. Apparently, some older patches do, though.

    4 Bonjour is still required. Bonjour is pretty well behaved: think of it like having to install Quicktime for Max.

    5 Don't know.

    6 There is a tilt function, but it doesn't work with a 40h (kind of a banjaxed take on 2 of the 4 ADCs in the 40h) - IIRC the tilt may be problematic for grids which only have a tilt upgrade.

    7 Agree, although when I wanted to uninstall it, I used Task Manager and stopped the serialoscd process. 'console' is new to me.

    8 Interesting: I found monomeserial to be unpredictable, and the later versions did not work at all for me.

    Executive summary:
    The new serialosc 1.2 works and eliminates need for zeroconf.
    The patches to exploit it seem a little more troublesome, and you need to pick and choose a serialosc.maxpat to link between serialosc itself and max patches.

    galapagoose's serialosc.maxpat at bottom of this page:
    seems to work for me with both max5 & 6, but it doesn't seem to integrate with existing patches. I've not had time to take this further; it does cheerfully print out OSC-like text to the max window, if you toggle it to do so, which might almost be dabble-able for me.

    I too am a dabbler ;-)

  • @karaokaze: wasn't there a "user name changes" thread someplace? Maybe we need to update the latest raja character iteration on that list. How many have there been now? Without the blinky eyes avatar I am lost!

    Seriously, thanks for the help. I have not really gone away--I've been lurking here daily as ever. My gs128, however, has been neglected of late, but only in favor of other creative pursuits, so it's not a bad thing.

    @chrisbob12: thanks for the detailed descriptions. I'll have to give the serialosc install a go and see how I do. Knowing me and computers I expect a clusterf*ck. :P


    One last question: I am well aware that serialosc and monomeserial cannot be run concurrently, and that serialosc runs as a background process. If I want to jump back to monomeserial without uninstalling serialosc, can I just kill the serialosc process for that session?

  • you'll want to stop the service in the Services control panel, but yes.
    also don't uninstall zeroconf/bonjour yet.