FS: 40h - Chicago USA

  • Hello all, the sad time has come where it unfortunately makes sense to part ways with my 40h. I've loved it well, but right now there's another priority on the horizon.
    I'm looking to head this festival:

    And tickets are a bit pricey, so, I don't currently use my monome enough to justify keeping it. It makes sense to sell it in order to fund this awesome trip.

    So, it's in great condition, still as good as when I got it from our venerable friend Raja (whatever he calls himself now on these here forums) with one minor nick in the wood on the back.

    I'll upload pics and a demo to show that it works when I get the time, hopefully tonight or tomorrow night.

    I'm asking $450 plus shipping

    hit me up at:
    j.araujo [a t] iedlabs {dawt} net