starting my person python project

  • very excited to start coding in python got a grid setup for the 256 im looking to use to get a full 1 hour live set going with no breaks in between songs using OSC into ableton live.

    Im already looking into the python documentation as my starting point but if anyone has any suggested reading I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks all

  • I have the people on my team here at work doing python exercises at Code Academy.

    They are almost done them all now and although all the concepts aren't sticking I have them writing actual useful code. It's pretty amazing. I'm not a python master or anything but I am still surprised when they wind up teaching me things.

    Other than that if you have no programming experience you want to get a book about design patterns... I can't think of a good one at the moment but something like this

    after that I use to search the docs for python and ANYTIME YOU HAVE A PROBLEM/ERROR GOOGLE IT. 10000000000372456293487 people will have had that same problem. No matter how simple or complex.

    "How to sort a list in python," etc etc etc

    Python is awesome!

  • is good

  • thanks very helpful!

  • if you are new to programming, "how to think like a computer scientist" is really nice.

    it's free on the net
    and $11 on amazon, under the (newer) name "think python".

    if you search python on this forum you will find more hot links.

    ps - anyone with an interest in processing text with python, nltk! free book on it here: