FS: Mint Analog Synths

  • I had been toying with the idea of going modular, and I kind of chickened out and bought up some other analog synths instead. Based on my experience with these synths, I have decided to get a full modular system instead. I have:

    Arturia Minibrute: $445+shipping
    Doepfer Dark Energy I: $575+shipping
    Doepfer Dark Energy II: $525+shipping

    All items are absolutely mint. I have not had them for very long, each less than 6 weeks. I have all of the original packaging that came with each item, and also have US power adapters for each of the Doepfer products and the glide option.

  • All are still for sale.

  • are you interested in any trades?

  • Sorry for the late reply. No trades, unfortunately.

  • Dark Time Sold.

  • These are all still available.