Correct way to power off Monome/Max Runtime...

  • So, I've got my first monome, 2012/128/Walnut, and I'm wondering how to power it off/quit apps correctly.

    I got polygome working (kind of) but noticed that once I quit Max/Polygome, some of the lights on the monome would stay on.

    After quitting Polygome and starting up mlr_2.8, I realized that the lights on the buttons were not resetting or turning off.

    What is the proper way to quit an app/power off the monome?

  • i don't think their is a 'correct' way. you can just close the maxpatch. if you get stuck leds you can just unplug the monome and plug it straight back in and hit connect again in the app. some apps have a clear message to reset all the leds to off.