FS: Greyscale 64 - £250 (Shipping included, barely used)

  • I'm selling my greyscale 64 as I need money to help pay with moving house, and I barely used it so I figured it would be better used in the hands of someone else! £250 with shipping included. I bought it last year new in June.

    I currently live in Japan but it would be shipped from my parents house in the UK.

    If you are interested let me know here or better send me an email to mrsabu@gmail.com


    3264 x 2448 - 787K
  • also selling your op-1?

  • Hey Jay!

    I just started putting some serious time into the OP-1, I'll keep a hold of that I think...

  • Price lowered!

  • It seems like the whispered comments have gone, so those who sent me questions that way, please use my email!

  • sent an email 2 days ago...Waiting!!! :)