Mark Fell on technological limitations


    cool article in this months wire magazine.

  • absolutely fantastic article, thank you.

  • Without capital letters, that title confused me.

    (Poor Mark. Falling on hard times is bad enough, but now he's limited technically?)

  • damn you all, mocking my technical limitations!

  • Where Mark Fell, Charlie Rose.

  • I have "created" more on the bus with my iPhone and Intua Beatmaker 2 than I have with my controllers and VSTs. I think a big part of it is the limitation, the other part is having nothing to do on the bus. Reading on a bus sucks.

  • I feel guilty that while reading that article I kept having the same thought: "Thomas Dolby was really a hugely pretentious douche bag back then, wasn't he?".

  • Where Charlie Rose, Autumn Leaves

    (yeah, it's a stretch.)

  • there is also a great in-depth article in this month's issue on STEIM. provides a great overview of music technology/instrument design over the years. i bet a lot of folk here would find it really interesting.

  • "If Autumn Leaves, George Will," Christopher Guest.

  • fixed the title ;)

  • "fixed the title ;)"

    Where's the fun in that?

  • it's too late, the damage has been done. in my mind poor mark is perpetually falling with nothing but technological limitations to land on. no amount of resonance modulation will comfort him now.

  • i'm a technical writer 9-5, i guess the unintentional pun was too much for my gentle sensibilities to bear...

  • Ferrell? Mann.